Daily Devotional
Jesus Died for You, His Sheep

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.”

John 10:11

Ponder This

Jesus laid down His life for the sheep. He said, “No man takes My life from Me. No man can kill Me. I lay it down.” (See John 10:18.) It wasn’t the nails that held Him to the tree. The silver cords of love and the golden bonds of redemption held Jesus Christ to that cross.

We can conceive of sheep dying for the shepherd when he wants food. But whoever heard of a shepherd dying for sheep? Jesus said, “I am the Good Shepherd that lays down His life for the sheep.” You say it’s unthinkable that a shepherd would die for sheep. It’s even more unthinkable that God would die for Man.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. When He laid down His life for the sheep, He dealt with the penalty of sin. “For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). That’s what Jesus Christ paid. Your sin will be pardoned in Christ or punished in Hell, but it will never be overlooked unless there’s a Good Shepherd who has died for your sins.

  • How do you feel when you consider that Jesus laid His life down for you?
  • How does this message of Jesus’ selfless sacrifice change how you interact with others?

Practice This

Share the Gospel with yourself today; write it out or tell yourself in the mirror what Jesus did on your behalf.