Daily Devotional
How Do You View Death?

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

Psalm 23:4

Ponder This

There was a great preacher whose wife died when she was still a very young woman. She left behind a young daughter. The little girl didn’t understand all the intricacies of life and death. But sometime after her mom had passed, the girl and her father were downtown doing some shopping. The little girl was in the car, and she looked over at the wall of a department store and saw the shadow of a truck. The shadow was even larger than the truck, because the sun was setting low in the west and it made a huge shadow on the department store wall. The little girl said, “Daddy, look at the big shadow of the truck.” And he said, “Sweetheart if you had your choice, would you rather be hit by the shadow of the truck or by the truck?” She said, “Daddy, that’s easy. I’d much rather be hit by the shadow of that truck than be hit by that truck.” He said, “That’s right, darling. It was only the shadow that hit mama. The truck hit Jesus two thousand years ago at Calvary.” The truck hit Jesus. Jesus has taken the sting out of sin and the dread out of the grave. Jesus has become our Victor. And there cannot be a shadow unless there’s a light.

  • How has knowing Jesus changed your perspective on death?
  • Who do you know who needs to know this hope beyond the grave today?

Practice This

Make a list of people you know who do not know this hope for themselves. Begin praying for them today, that they would come to know hope in Jesus.