Daily Devotional
How Do You Reckon on Christ?

“Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:11

Ponder This

Reckon is a bookkeeping term. It does not mean to think, feel, or guess but speaks of something that you can count on—a matter of fact. Reckoning in the context of this verse means acting by faith on what you know to be a fact. The fact is that Christ died for you, and you died with Him and you must reckon on it. You may ask, “Well, what does that mean?” If you’re saved, you already know how to reckon. That’s how you got saved. You believe Jesus Christ died for your sins and put your faith where God put your sins—on Jesus. Were you there when it happened? Did you see it with your eyes? No, but you know it to be true, and you reckoned on it for salvation. In the same way, you reckon for sanctification. As you receive the Lord Jesus, so walk in Him. We’re not told to feel it. We’re not even told really to understand it. But we are told to reckon on it.

  • What would it look like for a person to reckon on the fact of Jesus’s death and resurrection daily?
  • What might this specifically look like in your life?

Practice This

Make a list of things that might take place in your life if you reckoned on Jesus each moment.


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