Daily Devotional
Happiness Rooted in Joy

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!”

Philippians 4:4

Ponder This

What’s the difference between happiness and joy? Happiness depends on what happens. If you put your trust in happiness, you’re going to be a victim of circumstances because your circumstance will change. But God never changes. The Bible doesn’t tell us to rejoice in circumstances; the Bible says to rejoice in the Lord. And since He never changes, the Bible means rejoice forever. Happiness is like cosmetics. Joy is like character; it comes from within. Happiness meets surface needs; joy meets your deepest needs. Happiness is like a thermometer; it registers conditions. Joy is like a thermostat; it regulates conditions. Happiness evaporates and disappears in times of suffering, but joy frequently intensifies in times of suffering and is often intertwined with suffering.

Happiness always functions best when rooted in joy. If you have joy, and then you overlay that joy with happiness, that's a wonderful thing. Joy, on the other hand, is not dependent on happiness and may function even better when happiness is taken away.

  • When have you experienced joy in disappointing circumstances?
  • How likely is your mood or demeanor to be dictated by your circumstances?

Practice This

Share with someone the reasons you have joy today, regardless of your circumstances.


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