Daily Devotional
Can Anyone Be Perfect?

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Romans 3:23

Ponder This

Suppose you’re driving down the road and a police officer stops you for running a red light. You say to the officer, “Yes, I ran the light, but you have no right to give me a ticket because I stopped at all the others, and I’ve obeyed the speed limit.” He responds, “Don’t tell me about all the things that you’ve done well. You’ve broken the law.”

If you think you’re going to be saved by keeping the law, then you must keep all of it, because God demands perfection. No amount of obedience can make up for one act of disobedience. If you keep the whole law and yet offend at one point, the Bible says you are guilty of breaking the law.

Practice This

Read Romans 7:1 to 8:4. Can you relate to Paul’s quandary about keeping the law? Have you experienced that “war within” he’s describing and the requirement of absolute obedience?


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