Daily Devotional
Are You Too Uncomfortable to Spend Time with God?

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear.”

Psalm 66:18

Ponder This

Do you know what quiet time is? Fellowship with a holy God. The reason some folks don’t have a quiet time is they feel uncomfortable. They don’t want to look God in the face because they have sin in their lives.

What did Adam do after he had sinned and God came walking in the Garden? Adam fled. Before that, Adam had quiet time with God, didn’t he? Adam and God had boundless, unending fellowship. But after Adam chose to disobey God and sinned, he didn’t want to look God in the face.

Practice This

Are you reluctant to have a quiet time? Maybe it’s because there’s sin in your life. Ask God to shine His light into you. Then wait for His answer so you can repent.


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