Daily Devotional
Are You Ready to Move at Any Moment?

“For he [Abraham] waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.”

Hebrews 11:10

Ponder This

Abraham had a pilgrim character. Now, that doesn’t mean he was a dropout. Abraham was in business. He had a family. He taught. He even had to go to war several times. But Abraham was not molded by this world.

What are your personal goals? Is your goal to make enough money to retire and have a nice house, to live in ease and have certain things? Or are you more concerned about your spiritual walk? Do you want your children to be successful and famous? Or are you more concerned about the character of your children growing in Christ and the kingdom of Heaven? Would you leave your present job and take a lesser job for less pay if it were better for the character of your children? Is your goal to impress other people? Would you rather be with the rich and the famous, or the godly and the pure? Most of us are so squeezed in by this world, and yet we wonder why we don’t have faith. Abraham was a man to whom this world meant very little because “he waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” He had a pilgrim character.

  • Be honest with yourself. What are your goals for your life?
  • Do your goals align closer with the kingdom of God or the kingdom of this world?

Practice This

Write out the goals you have for your life. Be honest and do not hold back. Pray over this list. Ask God to help you shift your focus and priorities to pursue His Kingdom over the kingdom of the world.


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