Daily Devotional
Are You Pointing to the Father?

“For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

Luke 19:10

Ponder This

I heard of a tragic event. A father went to the hospital to pick up his newborn baby and wife. He left the automobile running with the keys in the car, and their three-year-old in the back seat. Then, someone came to steal the car; later, they found the car abandoned, but they couldn’t find the boy, so people set out to find him. One man who joined the hunt thought, “Maybe the little boy just got out of the car and is somewhere in the vicinity of where the car was abandoned.” He began to shine a flashlight up and down alleys. There was an old house with a swing and on the swing were some newspapers. He shined the light on the newspapers and saw some movement.

He cried out, “Billy! Billy!” Billy said, “Is that you, daddy?” And this man praised the name of God. He said, “No, Billy, I’m not your daddy, but I’m here to take you to your daddy.” Friend, that’s the job of the church—to rescue the perishing, to seek them out, to find them, to bring them to Him. For this cause, Jesus came into the world.

  • Who pointed you to God as your Father?
  • What are some ways we point others in His direction?

Practice This

Take time today to point someone else toward God.


Real Truth Never Changes

Real truth never changes, and the truth about government is that it is God who ordains it, leaders who are responsible for it, and citizens who are accountable to it. The privilege of being called Americans comes with significant responsibilities—to God, to each other, and to the world.