Daily Devotional
Are You a Doer of the Word?

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

James 1:22

Ponder This

I heard of a famous actor who was in a crowded theater when a fire broke out in the wings of the theater prior to his performance. The manager came to the actor and asked him to tell the audience to calmly leave the theater in an orderly fashion.

This actor followed the instructions. He came forward and told everyone about the fire and asked everyone to leave calmly. They applauded. They thought it was part of the act. So, he came back a second time and shared the same message. But still, they did not understand. Then, realizing the gravity of the situation, he got down on his knees and with tears he said, please for your safety, leave the theater. The audience was moved by his performance but never understood that the message was for them. This illustrates how many people hear the Word of God from the preacher. But God said consider yourself deceived if you read the Word and hear the Word but don’t heed the Word. Be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

  • What is the difference between being a hearer and a doer of the Word?
  • How can you prioritize being a doer of the Word this week?

Practice This

Think of someone you know to be a doer of the Word. Tell that person you see God at work in his or her life, and ask for insight on how to apply the Word to everyday circumstances.


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