How is Your Walk With God?

God Invites You to a Closer Walk

You are not alone. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, God is with you. He is always calling, always inviting, and always empowering you to know Him and to walk more closely with Him. This is true whether you’re still questioning His existence and are honestly seeking, or you’ve already discovered Him, accepted His gift of salvation, and confessed Jesus as Lord of your life. It is true whether you’re a baby Christian taking your first steps or you’re a mature believer longing to walk more closely, more consistently, more confidently with your beloved Savior.

Our loving God—who created you for fellowship—beckons you nearer. He turns His face toward you and calls you by name. No matter how far away you may feel, if you will take that first step of faith and keep following one step at a time, He will mark the trail and remove obstacles—that you may know Him and know Him better...

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Featured Bible Study

As we study the stories of the Early Church, we will understand how to live the supernatural life God intends for us. As we read about the lives of the apostles after Christ’s ascension into Heaven, we see that God is at work in a supernatural way. God’s work continues today through His body, the Church, and He wants us to join Him in His work and live supernaturally.