The Lamb Is Coming in Triumph

Revelation 1:1-2

“The Revelation and Testimony of Jesus Christ” Revelation 1:1-2 

World events today are so disturbing, many are asking, “Could the Second Coming of Christ be close at hand?”

Thank God He gave us the book of Revelation. How grateful we should be. But I can tell you Satan isn’t. He hates this book, for it dispels the fog and gives us a sure hope.

We must study carefully what Revelation says about “those things that will be hereafter,” for false prophets seek to profit, charlatans concoct theories, and so-called “ministers” promote themselves with doomsday warnings, predicting the actual day and year of “the end”—in direct contradiction of Jesus Himself! (Matthew 24:36, 25:13; Mark 13:32) Keep these truths in mind:

Satan Hates Revelation

Two books in the Bible the devil especially hates are the first and the last, Genesis and Revelation. Have you noticed the war against Genesis (the creation account) and mockery of Bible prophecy in Revelation? Why does Satan hate these books so much? Simple: there’s no Satan in the first two chapters of the Word of God and no Satan in the last two! Someone has observed:

“In Genesis, Satan’s doom is prophesied. In Revelation it is realized.

In Genesis we see creation of the heavens and the earth. In Revelation we see new heavens and a new earth.

In Genesis we see the first Adam, reigning on earth. In Revelation we see the last Adam, Jesus, reigning in glory.

In Genesis we see an earthly bride brought to the first Adam. In Revelation we see a heavenly bride (the Church) brought to the last Adam, Jesus Christ.

In Genesis we see the beginning of death and the curse. In Revelation Jesus puts an end to death and the curse.

In Genesis Satan appears for the first time. In Revelation he appears for the last time.

In Genesis man is driven from God’s face in sin. In Revelation we behold God’s face in glory.”

The book of Revelation is the golden clasp that brings the entire Bible together.

Jesus is Central

The revelation of Jesus Christ…and the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:1-2).

Christians shouldn’t be looking for something to happen. We’re looking for Someone to come. His name is Jesus. If you read the book of Revelation and don’t see Jesus, you’ve missed it.

Jesus Christ is the hero of the Bible. You’ll find Him everywhere—the Rose of Sharon, Kinsman Redeemer, Mighty Warrior. In Revelation, He is the theme, center, and heart of the book.

The word “revelation” (Greek: apocalupsis “apocalypse”), literally means “an unveiling.” When a statue is unveiled, someone pulls a drawstring, the cover drops, and the statue stands there unveiled for all to see. That’s Revelation exactly—the unveiling of Jesus Christ in all His majestic glory, for the world to see.

Imagine the heartbeat of God the Father as He pulls the drawstring, unveiling Jesus’ glory, saying, “Here is My dear Son, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!” We’re going to see Him with His glory unveiled!

When Jesus came the first time, His glory was veiled. But His second coming will be so different.

First, He came in shame. When He comes again, He comes in splendor.

First, He was despised and rejected. When He comes again, every knee shall bow before Him.

The first time, He stood before Pilate. When He comes again, Pilate will stand before Him.

First, He was spat upon. When He comes again, crowns will be laid at His feet.

First, He came as a carpenter. He comes again as King.

First, He came to a tree. He comes again to a throne.

First, He came for crucifixion. When He comes again, it’s for coronation.

First, He came as a servant. He comes again as Sovereign.

The first time, He heard cries of mockery. When He comes again, He’ll hear “Worthy is the Lamb! Blessing, honor, glory and power be unto Him!”

This is the glory revealed—and the splendor we can anticipate. No wonder God has promised for those who study Revelation,

Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” (1:3)