Bring Back the Glory

Apart from Israel, no other nation has had such a Christian beginning as America. Under the blessing of God, Israel began with a glorious heritage. Like Israel of old, God’s blessing rested upon early America. In the Mayflower Compact, our Pilgrim forefathers said their express purpose for coming to these shores was to propagate the Gospel. We were founded as a Christian nation to the very core. Yet like Israel, America has not only forgotten our heritage, we’ve forgotten God and abandoned the Gospel’s influence on our national life. America has lost her glory. How did this happen? The same way it happened in Israel.

In Israel, a new generation arose which forgot their relationship with God (Judges 2:10). We have a generation today who doesn’t know the true history and spiritual heritage of our nation. Like Israel in the days of the judges, America is doing “that which was right in [its] own eyes” (Judges 17:6).

Who upholds the standards of God’s principles today? Is it Washington? No. Legalized abortion, partial-birth abortion, prohibition of prayer and the Ten Commandments in public—the legislation and pronouncements coming out of Washington would shock and grieve our forefathers.

Is society upholding godly standards? No. As we become desensitized, immoral perversions have gone from “sin” to “sickness” to stoically accepted practice. Today’s generation doesn’t know how to blush—or why!

America’s situation today parallels Israel’s in those days. So what can we do to bring the glory back to America? The following three problems that characterized Israel—and America today—must be addressed.

The Need for Gratitude

In Judges 9, Abimelech, an ungodly man, seizes power in Israel through violence and deceit and leads the nation straight into God’s judgment—amazingly just after Gideon’s great victory.

The key to Israel’s slide is found in Judges 8:33-35. As soon as Gideon was dead, the Israelites forgot the God who gave them victory and chased after other gods. An unthankful people, Israel’s ingratitude led them into apostasy. And for America, it has become a thankless nation, too. We’ve forgotten the God who made us great. We must become a thankful people again.

The Need for Godly Leaders

Israel’s “reward” for its thanklessness was Abimelech, whose arrogant reign is detailed in Judges 9. Abimelech built his administration on a godless coalition in which he bought his supporters with silver (Judges 9:2-4) and the blood of the innocent (v. 5). Many American politicians achieve office with the “silver” of campaign promises and the blood of the innocent unborn. We must elect godly leaders who have the courage to put a stop to this ungodliness.

The Need for Committed People

In Judges 9:7-15, a prophet named Jotham stood up and told a parable of the trees. All the good trees and vines were “too busy” to take the reins of leadership, so the bramble—a useless, thorn-covered bush—gladly agreed to be

The apathy of Israel has its parallel in America. Edmund Burke’s great statement is still true: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Every Christian must do what is necessary to place godly people in leadership and take action to stand against evil.

The Return to Glory

If the glory is to return to America, we must return to God, the source of glory. He is waiting for us to return to Him, for He works through His people.

There is hope for America. The book of Judges shows how God sent deliverers to rally the people to the Word of God and repentance. God brought restoration and forgiveness. The God Who did that for Israel so long ago can do that for America today, when we humble ourselves, pray, and seek Him with all our hearts. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

God would much rather forgive than judge! I know you have heard these comparisons of Israel and America before, but if we will stain heaven with our prayers and press the battle, we can take this country back for Jesus Christ. Will you humbly pray and ask for God’s forgiveness on our land today? Pray for a mighty revival! Will you seek Him with all your heart? May the fire of His Holy Spirit fall and cleanse our land.