"It is my heart's deepest desire that until Christ returns for His church, this ministry would continue to proclaim the truth of God's Word and His life-giving, life-altering love on broadcasts throughout the world" - Adrian Rogers

Pastor Adrian Rogers talks about our mission and our promise:

Our Purpose

To bring people to Christ and mature them in the faith.

Our Program

To publish and broadcast biblical truth maintaining a balance of compassion and conviction.

Our Promise

To serve with absolute financial and moral integrity and open accountability.

Read our statement of financial accountability here.

To This End

We want to minister to hurting people, such as those who are struggling to hold their marriage and family together, people suffering from financial bondage or substance abuse, and those who are facing the attack of demonic oppression.

We offer a prayer ministry through correspondence to people who are searching for answers to spiritual needs.

We also want to reach those who are new and growing Christians with encouragement and admonition for spiritual development.

We desire to be a vessel from which the rivers of living water flow to touch lives and meet the needs of people across America and around the world.