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40 Days of Prayer for America

Together We Will Go On a 40-Day Guided Journey of Prayer for America and Our Leaders.

3 Important Questions about Praying for America

Why Is It Important?

Our nation is in desperate need of Jesus. We need God to move mightily, bringing revival to the country and saving many from their sins. Ultimately, only God Himself can bring healing and wholeness to America. That is why it is important for us to pray together for God's blessing and guidance.

What Should I Pray For?

The wonderful news is that God is eager and ready to answer our prayers. He loves us, our families, our friends and neighbors, our churches, our cities and states, our nation, and our world. So together we are going to pray and ask God for his blessing and guidance on each of these areas of His creation.

How Do I Start Praying?

We’ve put together a simple guide covering 40 days of prayer. It contains short devotionals, prayer points for each day, key Bible verses, and questions for reflection and journaling. Download the prayer guide below and begin your prayer journey on September 24th to follow along with everyone else.

Download Your 40-Day Prayer Guide

40 Days of Prayer Guide
Download 40 Day Prayer Guide

Your Guide includes:

  • A Downloadable and Printable Ebook
  • Encouraging Devotionals from the Sermons of Adrian Rogers
  • Prayer Sections Focused on The Most Important Areas of Our Lives
  • 40 Daily Prayers to Guide Your Time with God
  • 80 Thought-Provoking Questions to Ponder and Pray Over
  • Writing Space for Prayer Notes and Journaling

How to Pray in the Spirit

Reminders of How the Holy Spirit Guides Us in Prayer
Download Infographic

When we become Christians, God sends His Holy Spirit to dwell within us. This Spirit exists to promote the kingdom of Christ and uses us to do so. Therefore, we must learn how to pray in the Spirit.

We hope you can use this list as a daily reminder of how the Holy Spirit is always with you in prayer.