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Truth Worth Sharing: Factors Of Faithfulness

Factors Of Faithfulness explores the attributes of God's great faithfulness. Adrian Rogers sets forth seven specific areas where the Believer should be found faithful. Explore the factors of faithfulness that will help you stand strong and reflect God's character of faithfulness in your home, your church, and your world.

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Episode 1 - Faithful In Bible Study

Do you want to live a holy life? To be sanctified, powerful in the Lord, stop riding a spiritual rollercoaster? Do you want spiritual steel beneath your feet? Then learn to be faithful in Bible study. In one of his greatest messages on the Word of God, Adrian Rogers shows you how to study this Book of the Ages and be approved unto God."
Episode 2 - Faithful In Worship

To worship God is our supreme duty of any child of God. To learn to worship is our greatest need. To worship in spirit and in truth is our ultimate privilege. That's the bottom line. We're saved to worship. You would be better if you worshiped better. Why? Very simply, we become like what we worship.
Episode 3 - Faithful In Fellowship

Jesus Christ and the Church are inseparable. Some say, I'm a Christian but I don't believe in organized churches." The church is the visible part of the invisible Christ. That's why we have church! That's the fellowship. We are the body of the Lord Jesus. We share the same life. We show the same love. Why? Because we serve the same Lord.
Episode 4 - Faithful In Friendship

As a church, we need to care for, love and receive one another. We are to love as He loved with a new quality we are to agape" oeach another. This is the way people know we're His disciples. The badge the Christian wears is the badge of love.
Episode 5 - Faithful In Evangelism

Does God consider you a wise person? Frankly, if you're not endeavoring to win souls, you're not wise. Your gold and silver will one day be worthless to you, but what will last forever? A soul! Soul winning is not a suggestion; it's a command. Soul-winning will give you incredible joy!
Episode 6 - Faithful In Stewardship

Stewardship is how we obtain, save, invest, spend, and give our money. Time and again in the Bible God deals with our finances. God does not need your money. He owns everything. He's not interested in what you have; God is interested in who you are, and God wants YOU.
Episode 7 - Faithful In Ministry

When God saved you by His grace, He didn't save you to sit, soak, and sour; God saved you to serve. God has given to you a spiritual gift. If you're not serving, you won't have joy. When you serve the Lord, that's when the juices of joy begin to flow.