An Online Course About Kingdom Authority

In this study, Pastor Rogers wants to help you grasp the liberating truth that when you were born again, you were also born to win, and you can know incredible victory every day of your life. This study reveals how the concept of kingdom authority can dramatically change your home life, your work life, and your spiritual life.

In this free course, you will find seven lessons, accompanied by videos, Scripture readings, quizzes, and discussion questions. There are even some bonus interviews with Adrian Rogers in each lesson! Take this course alone or get a group to sign up with you!

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Power: our world is obsessed with it. We talk about nuclear power, political power, and national power. But the Bible reveals the most awesome power of all: that of kingdom authority. It is the power unleashed when God raised Jesus Christ from the dead two thousand years ago, and is available to every believer, every day! But what exactly is kingdom authority? What is its source? How can you be a part of the awesome power of God's working in the world to build His kingdom? This study will provide the answers to those questions and others. Prepare to dig into your Bible and experience the most life-changing power in the universe.