Share God’s love, teach His Word, proclaim His truth!

Take Adrian Rogers’ teaching to those who are waiting to hear about Jesus—and to those who want to grow in Him!


A New Road

That the world may know Jesus!

That the world may know Jesus!

When you know and love the Lord Jesus, it’s because you’ve had a personal experience with Him that changed you. And now you want the whole world to know His love and truth!

Through the giftings of pastor, teacher, and author Adrian Rogers, Love Worth Finding is committed to:

  • Evangelism — introducing people to Jesus, and helping them start a relationship with Him
  • Discipleship — offering resources to help believers grow stronger in their faith
  • Witnessing — teaching and encouraging others to share their faith

… so that the world may know Him!

You’re invited to serve as an essential partner in furthering the Gospel through broadcasts, online outlets, social media, podcasts and apps, and practical missions.

It’s an exciting calling!

“Your program opened my heart. Where it used to be full of hate and evil, my heart is full of joy and love. My faith and trust in God have grown. Keep up the good work. You're helping bring the lost sheep back.”

— A listener in Nebraska

“I can't start my day without listening to Love Worth Finding every morning. I am experiencing some storms in my life right now and the messages from Love Worth Finding are bringing spiritual growth to my life and helping me cope with these storms. Please keep up the good work.”

— Jeanelle

“Your program is a tremendous help to my discipleship. I am usually able to listen every morning... What a great opportunity to hear God's Word and get a better understanding of the Word. To hear the history and customs that clear up the meaning behind the teachings. Thank you for helping me find the path more clearly and to stay on it daily.”

— Pete

“My wife and I would like to thank everyone within your ministry for all that you do in Jesus' name. You have been instrumental to our encouragement and discipleship through times of struggle and difficulty.”

— James

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All giving is wrapped up in grace! This is what the Bible tells us, and it's what Adrian Rogers so faithfully taught. When you set up automated monthly giving as a Sustaining Partner, you swing wide the door to God’s grace, multiplying generosity in the hearts of other believers, and ...

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Your consistent financial giving shares God’s Love, teaches His Word, and proclaims His truth! Through the teaching, preaching, and inspiration of Adrian Rogers, you carry the life-transforming Gospel to a world in need.