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Can blended families work?

Can blended families work? Blended families are loosely defined as having a biological parent, a stepparent, and children from one or both parents. Estimates suggest that more than 7,000,000 children under the age of 18 live in “blended” homes and the number is growing rapidly. Does the normalizing of this situation present potential problems? Let’s look to the Bible for answers.God gave us biblical guidelines and examples regarding marriage and remarriag... Read More

Are fathers necessary?

Are fathers necessary? “Artificial insemination is the ideal method of producing a pregnancy, and a lesbian partner should have the same parenting rights accorded historically to biological fathers.” Quoted from the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, summer of 1995.You did not see a few isolated reports. There is an international agenda seeking to render fathers legally obsolete. Regardless of their legal success, fathers will always be crit... Read More

Should I go back to work?

Should I go back to work? Parental supervision and guidance early in a child’s life is not only important, it’s a matter of primary importance. During life’s first years we depend upon our parents for everything. Some parents believe that because their children have achieved physical independence their job is complete. On the contrary, the hard part has just begun.Providing for a baby’s physical needs can be exhausting, but it is simple. Feed the baby, ch... Read More