Will God Impeach America?

Psalm 80

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Psalm 80

No nation has ever had such a Christian beginning as America.

But with heavy hearts, we find that America is in a moral freefall. We’ve seen this before in Scripture: Ancient Israel resonates with the young American spirit.

The writer of Psalm 80 walked the trail we think our country paved. Psalm 80 is a prayer of a patriot. He’s praying for spiritual restoration in desperate days, on the heels of great national despair, corruption, shame, and ultimately grave danger.

The correlation is there.

The hedge of protection is down.

What was once designed to be glorious is now desolate.

We pray, and pray, and pray. America is praying, but not only are the prayers going unanswered, but they also make God angry because of our unrepentant hearts.

What do we do?

Look up.

We must look up. We must seek God’s face and not God’s hand.

Seek Him first. Seek His plans. Seek His kingdom. That is our only hope.

Is there hope for America -a nation of great promise? -a nation with the most Christian beginnings of any nation ever established?

“Of one thing I’m perfectly sure,” says Elisabeth Elliot, a lifelong American missionary, “God’s story doesn’t end in ashes.”

Apply it to your life

Did you know that the prayer of an unrepentant people is an insult to Almighty God? Adrian Rogers says, “Religion without righteousness is repugnant to God.”

So. Repent. Ask the Lord to search and know you, to bring forth any unrepentant sin in your life -and ask for forgiveness. Ask Him to create in you a pure heart that you won’t sin against Him.

Only then can you begin to pray for this nation -for a revival to stir in the hearts of Americans, and for this country to return to her First Love.

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