The Grace of Giving

2 Corinthians 8-9

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Reference: 2 Corinthians 8-9

Adrian Rogers says, “All giving is wrapped up in grace.” In 2 Corinthians chapter 8, Paul recalls how God poured out grace upon the church of Macedonia—a church struggling under the weight of dire poverty and oppression.

But when God poured out grace upon them, they became very liberal in their giving. Despite living in deep poverty, they gave generously. Through their example, we recognize three major factors that contribute to the grace of giving.

First, there is an obligation to give.

Grace giving is not eliminated by poverty.

Everybody can give something and is expected to give something. The church of Macedonia found joy in the midst of great affliction and deep poverty because they gave graciously.

Grace giving is not energized by pressure.

Gimmicks and tricks, scolding, shaming, and manipulating do not produce grace giving. We must remember: where you invest your love, you invest your life. You are to give out of your heart because you want to, not because you were guilted into it.

Grace giving is not excused by performance.

There is no service, whether it be faith, speech, knowledge, diligence, or love that is a substitute for grace giving.

Grace giving is not enforced by power.

Pastors are not dictators. They cannot force anyone to give. We should be motivated by love.

Second, there is an operation for giving.

There is a system in which the church should handle money collection. It is marked by performance, measured by providence, and managed by prudence. The offerings collected should be handled by men of compassion, consecration, character, and competency.

Finally, there is an opportunity for giving.

What do we do when we give? We encourage the saints. Tithing not only multiplies funds, but it also multiplies generosity in the hearts of our brothers and sisters.

We enrich the sowers. Our gifts supply the needs of those being sent out to share the Gospel.

And we exalt the Savior. Jesus is honored when we give with gracious hearts.

Apply it to your life

Consider the grace of giving in your own life. Do you give to your church with a gracious heart? Do you recognize the obligation, operation, and opportunity of grace-giving? Today, pray that you may give joyfully.

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