The Gospel According to Joseph

Genesis 45

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Genesis 45

When Joseph was young, his brothers sold him as a slave to the Egyptian guard. However, God was with Joseph. Through divine providence, Joseph became the prime minister of Egypt. Joseph was on a throne when his brothers were brought before him. The one they had treated so hatefully, became the one with absolute authority. Because of Joseph's love for them in Genesis 45, we are given an illustration of the Gospel, according to Joseph.

God’s love is greater than all our sin. When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, they remembered what they had done. God, in love, confronts our sin for our own sake, so He may reveal Himself to us.

No one is truly saved apart from the conviction of sin. In order for us to be saved, we must first be convicted of our lost estate.

His compassion causes Him to love you. Joseph eagerly forgave them, because, though his brothers abused him, God worked it together for His glory.

It’s our job to confess Him openly and publicly.

  1. We once rejected Him.
  2. God raised Him up.
  3. His name is above every name.
  4. The world is now at His feet.
  5. He has forgiven our sins.
  6. He wants to be with us and share His glory.

This is what they were to tell about Joseph, and that’s what we’re to tell about Jesus.

You have been commissioned to fellowship with your King. Joseph fellowshipped with them. Likewise, God wants to fellowship with us.

God saves us by grace and supplies us for service. Joseph claimed his brothers before Pharaoh. Jesus is not ashamed to claim us as brothers.

We communicate by our love, our lips, and our lives. Genesis 45:27 says, “...and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob, their father, revived: And Israel said, It is enough: Joseph my son is yet alive, and I will go and see him before I die.”

Adrian Rogers says, “When the world sees us united with wagon loads of God’s grace, they will be convinced of the Gospel, just as Jacob was.”

Apply it to your life

Do you communicate your faith in Jesus Christ with others by your love, your lips, and your life?