The Autopsy of a Dead Faith

James 2:17

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: James 2:17

Make no mistake about it: we are saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and by nothing else.

At first glance, you may think James 2:17 contradicts this statement, for it says, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” However, upon a closer look, we will find that nothing could be further from the truth. James is talking about the fruit of our faith, not the root of it.

God can see our hearts and our faith. But man cannot see our hearts or our faith unless proven through works. The only way we can know anything about each other’s faith is what we see them do and hear them say. Therefore, we are justified before God by faith. But we are justified before each other by works.

Adrian Rogers tells us, “Man is saved by faith alone but the faith that saves is never alone.”

So, we have to examine an autopsy of a dead faith so that we can know what a living, breathing, thriving faith looks like for ourselves. A dead faith shows no compassion for others. Real faith gives us love for other people. It changes the way we treat others.

It’s not enough just to believe in God. The devil believes in God, and it causes him to tremble!

You can believe a lot of things about Jesus, but do you know and love Him? Do you bow before Him and call Him the Lord of your life? Have you been transformed by your relationship with Him? Faith that does not change a life and does not root in action is dead.

You're saved by grace, through faith, unto good works. Works don't save; grace saves. Our works are proof that we have faith in the grace of God.

As the metaphor James gives us in chapter 2 states, a body does not have life by acting. It acts because it has life.

Apply it to your life

After examining the autopsy of a dead faith, can you say for certain that yours is alive? How are you living out your faith today through works? Show compassion to others today. Spend some time in prayer today, and share with someone how your faith has changed your life.