What Shall I Do With Jesus?

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Matthew 27:22
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    1. Pontius Pilate was the governor of Judea at the time of the Lord Jesus’ crucifixion.
    2. Jesus stood before Pilate, and Pilate had to make a decision regarding Jesus.
      1. Matthew 27:22
      2. There is no greater question than the one posed in this Scripture: what shall I do with Jesus?
    3. At that particular time, Jesus stood before Pilate to be judged by Pilate. There’s coming a time when Pilate will stand before Jesus to be judged by Jesus.
    4. In a very real sense, Pilate represents each of us who is asked the same question: what shall I do with Jesus?
      1. As Jesus was before Pilate, Jesus is before us today.
      2. As Pilate will one day stand before Jesus, we too will stand before Jesus.
    5. What will you do with Jesus?
      1. This is a present question.
        1. You will answer this question today.
      2. This is a personal question.
        1. You must decide personally what you will do with Jesus.
      3. This is a pertinent question.
        1. Your destiny depends upon your answer to this question.
      4. This is a pressing question.
        1. You will answer one way or the other.
        2. If you choose not to decide, that in itself is a decision.
        3. This is an inescapable and unavoidable question.
    6. Each person who has ever lived, or who ever will live, will either accept Jesus or reject Him.
      1. We will either crown Him or crucify Him.
      2. We will either confess Him or deny Him.
      3. No one can remain neutral.
    7. We will look at Pilate’s decision and see the relevancy to us today.
    1. The voice of reason
      1. Matthew 27:18
      2. Pilate knew the charges against Jesus were false.
      3. Pilate knew better when he allowed Jesus to be crucified.
      4. The voice of reason speaks to us today.
        1. When we examine the evidence and listen to the witnesses, we see that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God.
        2. There are only three options concerning Jesus:
          1. Liar
          2. Lunatic
          3. Lord
    2. The voice of a loved one
      1. Matthew 27:19
      2. God had spoken to Pilate’s wife in a dream, and she warned Pilate not to harm Jesus.
      3. Is there a loved one in your life who has spoken with you or pleaded with you to follow Jesus?
    3. The voice of his own conscience
      1. Matthew 27:23-24
      2. Pilate felt somehow that he was being soiled by this situation.
      3. Pilate knew, in his conscience, that what he was doing was wrong.
      4. Many today know in their own consciences that the right thing to do is to follow Jesus.
    4. The voice of Jesus Christ Himself
      1. John 18:37
      2. Pilate heard Jesus speak.
      3. We today hear the voice of Jesus, also.
        1. The Bible, also called the Word of God, is as much the voice of Jesus Christ as if He were standing here in the flesh.
    1. Public opinion
      1. Matthew 27:20
      2. Pilate was a politician, and he wanted to please the crowds.
      3. Mark 15:15
      4. We, too, are concerned about what others think.
        1. Sometimes we crucify Jesus in order to please the crowd.
    2. Pride
      1. John 19:9-10
      2. Pilate believed that he held the power in his own hands.
      3. John 19:11
        1. All of our giftings, abilities and any power that we have are given to us from God the Father.
    3. Position and possessions
      1. John 19:12
      2. If Pilate did not make the politically correct decision, he could lose his job.
      3. We too are often concerned about what it may cost us to make a decision for Christ.
        1. Could it cost us a promotion?
        2. Could it cost us materially or financially?
    1. Pilate tried to ignore Jesus.
      1. John 18:31
      2. He tried not to make a decision about Jesus.
      3. Even today, some think that simply ignoring Jesus is the solution.
        1. One day in the judgment, we will stand before the very Jesus we try to ignore today.
    2. Pilate tried to shift the decision to someone else.
      1. Luke 23:6-7
      2. Pilate thought he would let Herod decide what to do with Jesus, but Herod sent Jesus right back to Pilate.
      3. No one can decide for us what to do with Jesus.
    3. Pilate sought simply to admire Jesus.
      1. Luke 23:14-15
      2. Pilate thought that he could avoid the decision by saying nice things about Jesus.
        1. Pilate, who by his own words could have released Jesus, said that he found no fault in Jesus; and, yet, allowed Jesus to be crucified.
      3. Many today say “nice” things about Jesus.
        1. Many say that He was a great teacher.
        2. Many say that He was a great man.
        3. It is not enough to “tip the hat” to Jesus; we must bow the knee to Jesus.
    4. Pilate attempted to remain neutral.
      1. Matthew 27:22-24
      2. Not to decide is to decide not to decide.
        1. Matthew 12:30
      3. When Pilate allowed Jesus to be condemned, Pilate was condemned.
    1. The trial of Jesus Christ was a mockery.
    2. If Jesus were on trial today and you were the jury, what would you do with Jesus?
    3. Throughout history, witnesses (including His enemies) have proclaimed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.
      1. The witnesses
        1. John the Baptist
          1. Matthew 11:11
          2. John 1:29
        2. Simon Peter
          1. Matthew 16:16
        3. John the Apostle
          1. John 1:14
        4. Thomas
          1. John 20:28
        5. Martha
          1. John 11:27
        6. An angel
          1. Luke 2:11
        7. A Pharisee
          1. Luke 15:2
        8. Caiaphas
          1. Matthew 26:57-66
        9. A centurion
          1. Mark 15:39
        10. Judas
          1. Matthew 27:4
        11. Pilate
          1. John 19:4
        12. A demon
          1. Luke 4:34
        13. Many today have found new life in Jesus Christ and testify that He is Lord.
          1. 2 Corinthians 5:17
          2. 2 Corinthians 4:17
        14. Almighty God gave testimony to the deity of Jesus Christ.
          1. Matthew 3:17
    4. When Jesus Christ was crucified, God the Father reversed the decision of the court and raised Jesus from the dead.
      1. Romans 1:4
    5. Many of the early apostles died for their faith in Christ.
      1. Many men may live for a lie, but few will die for a lie.
      2. Men tell lies to get out of trouble, not into trouble.
    6. 1 John 5:9
    7. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    8. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    9. Romans 10:9-10
    10. Romans 10:13


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