Truth Or Consequences

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Exodus 20:16
(RA-1863, Program: 4817, Air date: 11.26.17)

    1. The commandment we study today is “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”
      1. Exodus 20:16
    2. We live in a society where moral absolutes are vanishing.
    3. In a 20-year span, we saw the reversal of almost 200 years of American history and values.
      1. Beginning in 1962 when the Supreme Court ruled school prayer unconstitutional.
      2. In 1982 when the Supreme Court ruled that creationism could no longer be taught in public schools.
    4. America has lost the concept of absolute God-given truth.
    5. We are drowning in a sea of facts and knowledge, but little truth.
      1. A person who reads one major newspaper today gains more information in that one newspaper than people who lived in the 16th Century might learn in one year.
      2. Facts are no substitute for truth.
    6. Isaiah 59:14
      1. This passage pictures a traffic jam where equity, justice and judgment cannot get through because truth has fallen.
    7. Our job as believers in Christ is to set truth back on her feet.
    1. Satan himself is the father of all false witness.
    2. The word “devil” means “slanderer.”
    3. Every time we tell a lie, we are acting like the devil.
      1. Every time we tell the truth, we are acting like the Lord Jesus.
    4. Satan used slander to corrupt Adam.
      1. Genesis 2:17
      2. Genesis 3:4-5
      3. Satan slandered the character, goodness and righteousness of God and tried to present God as a liar.
        1. Anyone who puts a question mark after the Word of God is doing the work of the devil.
    5. Satan used slander and false witness to criticize Job, a godly man.
      1. Job 1:6-12
    6. When Jesus was in the wilderness, Satan began to slander the Lord Jesus with accusations and temptations.
      1. Matthew 4:1-11
    7. Satan continues to bear false witness against the Lord Jesus today.
      1. Matthew 26:59
    8. Anytime we slander someone, we are acting like Satan.
    9. Satan is the father of slander and as the father of slander, he has a family.
      1. Who are these children of Satan?
        1. The perjurer
          1. Exodus 23:1-2
          2. To commit perjury in a court of law breaks this commandment in Exodus 20:16.
          3. We will one day stand in God’s courtroom.
        2. The rumor monger
          1. The Bible clearly forbids the spreading of rumors.
        3. The flatterer
          1. Proverbs 26:28
          2. This is not referring to giving encouragement, honor or thanks.
          3. Flattery is a way of using people.
          4. Psalm 55:21
          5. The flatterer will say to your face what he will not say behind your back while the hypocrite will say behind your back what he will not say to your face.
        4. The whisperer
          1. We can break this commandment by mere insinuation.
          2. 2 Corinthians 12:20
          3. The Pharisees insinuated that Jesus Christ was an illegitimate child.
            1. Acts 8:41
          4. We can bear false witness through insinuation just by the tone of our voice or facial expressions.
        5. The slanderer
          1. James 4:11
          2. Jeremiah 18:18
            1. Whether the information is true or false, we are not to speak with an evil spirit.
          3. When we listen to slander, we are just as guilty as the one who speaks it.
          4. We can even break the spirit of this commandment by simply remaining silent when we hear slanderous statements or when someone is falsely criticized.
            1. We must bear true witness.
            2. Leviticus 5:1
    10. Proverbs 6:16-19
      1. Of the six things that God hates, two of them deal with bearing false witness.
    11. One of the more hurtful and foolish things we can do is to bear false witness.
    12. The practice of lying is no small sin.
      1. The devil is the father of lies.
      2. Matthew 25:41
        1. The word “angel” means messenger or witness.
        2. Do not become Satan’s witness.
      3. Revelation 21:8
    1. When God commands us to not bear false witness, by implication He is saying that we shall bear faithful witness.
    2. Our homes ought to bear witness to the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    3. One family becomes a witness to another family.
      1. A witness simply shares what he has seen or heard.
      2. Jesus does not call us to be His lawyers, to argue a case.
      3. Witness about the things you do know.
      4. Is Jesus real to you? Has He changed your life?
      5. We can share how God forgives us when we fail and gives us a second chance.
    1. There is a desperate need in America today for families that know the truth and love the truth.
    2. A home that is not built on truth will crumble.
    3. How do we teach our children these truths?
      1. By precept.
        1. Take the Word of God and teach children the Scriptures that deal with lying and bearing false witness.
        2. When a child lies, give them the Biblical, theological reason why we should tell the truth.
        3. Make sure children understand the holy commandments.
        4. Teach the Scriptures.
      2. By example.
        1. As parents, especially as fathers, we must tell the truth.
        2. If you have ever failed to keep a promise to your child, then confess and ask that child for forgiveness.
      3. By discipline.
        1. Little children need to understand that the following behaviors are not allowed.
          1. Deliberate disobedience
          2. Defiant disrespect
          3. Dishonesty
    1. We need to take the Ten Commandments and teach them to our children one at a time, beginning with the first commandment in Exodus 20:2-3.
    2. A home can only win when it is founded upon Jesus Christ.
    3. John 14:6
    4. What does it mean to be saved?
      1. It means that every sin is forgiven.
      2. It means that every dishonest thing you’ve ever done is buried in the grave of God’s forgetfulness never again to be brought against you.
      3. It means that the Holy Spirit lives within you and helps you to live the truth.
      4. It means that you have the joy of God and His peace.
      5. It means that you have a home in Heaven.
      6. It means that you have millions of people around the world who are now your brothers and sisters in Christ.
    5. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    6. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    7. Romans 10:9-10
    8. Romans 10:13


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