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The Secret To Effectual Prayer

February 15, 2017 Save Article


Romans 11:36
(RA-2072, Program: 0817, Air date: 02.19.17)

    1. There is a “divine triangle” in Scripture that brings things into being and is at the center of effectual prayer.
      1. Romans 11:36
        1. “Of Him”
          1. God is the source of all things; everything begins with God.
          2. Genesis 1:1
          3. Revelation 1:8
        2. “Through Him”
          1. God is the force of all things; everything is accomplished through God.
        3. “To Him”
          1. God is the course of all things; everything returns back to God.
          2. Revelation 1:8
    2. This Scripture in Romans points to the sovereignty of God.
    3. This “divine triangle” is true in every aspect of life.
      1. aIt is true in the material world.
        1. Jesus is the power of creation.
          1. Colossians 1:16-17
        2. Jesus is the preserver of creation.
          1. Isaiah 40:26
        3. Jesus is the purpose of creation.
          1. Colossians 1:16-17
      2. It is true in the spiritual world.
        1. In salvation
          1. Salvation began in the heart and mind of God.
          2. Our salvation did not originate with us; it originated with God.
          3. 1 John 4:19
        2. In sanctification
          1. God gives us the ability to live the Christian life.
          2. Holiness is not the way to Jesus; Jesus is the way to holiness.
        3. In stewardship
          1. Everything we have comes from Him.
          2. 1 Chronicles 29:14
    4. Just like in the material and spiritual worlds, prayer is a cycle.
      1. The origin of effectual prayer; it is of Him.
      2. The operation of effectual prayer; it is through Him.
      3. The objective of effectual prayer; it is to Him.
    5. When we understand this cycle of prayer, it will help us learn how to pray effectually.
    1. The prayer that gets to Heaven starts in Heaven.
    2. Prayer is God’s way of getting Heaven’s will done on Earth; not man’s way of getting man’s will done in Heaven.
    3. James 4:2
    4. In God’s sovereignty, He created and gave us prayer for the following purposes:
      1. God has given us the privilege of working with Him.
        1. 2 Corinthians 6:1
      2. Prayer bonds us with God.
      3. Prayer disciples us.
        1. Psalm 66:18
      4. Prayer is not naming it and claiming it.
        1. Prayer begins with God.
        2. Luke 5:5
          1. This passage illustrates the necessity of hearing from God and obeying Him.
            1. The disciples toiled at night, and their efforts yielded nothing.
            2. Anything that begins with “we” or “I” ends with “nothing” spiritually.
        3. Prayer is not bending God’s will to fit our will; prayer finds the will of God and gets in on it.
    1. Prayer is not only “of” God, but it is also “through” God.
    2. God gives us the desire to pray.
      1. Romans 3:11
      2. Romans 8:5-7
      3. Romans 8:15
    3. God gives us the direction to pray.
      1. We do not always know how to pray.
        1. Oftentimes, we do not know what to ask.
        2. We sometimes desire things we do not need.
          1. Philippians 4:19
        3. Sometimes we need things we do not want.
      2. Through prayer, we need to ratify on Earth what which is done in Heaven..
        1. Matthew 16:19
        2. John 5:19
          1. Jesus asked in prayer for what the Father wanted and shat He saw the Father doing.
          2. Worship is placing ourselves on the altar until we’re consumed.
            1. Romans 12:1-2
            2. When we worship with loving, lingering prayer, God consumes us and transforms us so that we now have the mind of Christ.
            3. This allows us to see that which is bound in Heaven and loosed in Heaven.
    4. God gives us the dynamic to pray.
      1. We must pray in faith.
      2. Romans 10:17
    1. Many times our prayers and ineffectual and go unanswered because we are only interested in our own personal gratification and not the glory of God.
    2. James 4:2-3
    3. Our prayers should seek to glorify God with thanksgiving to Him.
    4. Praying in the name of Jesus glorifies the Father.
      1. John 14:13
    1. It is not our worthiness or performance that causes out prayers to be answered; it is the grace of God.
      1. “It’s not my sweat; it’s His blood.”
    2. Prayer is the Holy Spirit finding a desire in the heart of the Father, putting that desire into our hearts, and then sending it back to Heaven in the power of Jesus’ name for the glory of God.
    3. When we learn to pray as Jesus prayed, we will experience effectual prayer.
    4. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    5. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    6. Romans 10:9-10
    7. Romans 10:13


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