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The Generation To Come & The America Of Tomorrow

(Psalm 78)
(Program 2232, Air date 07.03.16)


  1. INTRODUCTION  (Psalm 78:1-6)
    1. God had blessed the nation Israel; but they defiled the land, denied the Lord, disobeyed the law, and judgment came to them.
  2. WE NEED TO REVIEW OUR HISTORY  (Psalm 78:5-6)
    1. Dads are to be a teacher of history to their children.
    2. Review America’s spiritual and national history.
    3. Review your family’s spiritual history.
    4. Review your church’s history.
    5. Review your own spiritual history.
  3. WE NEED TO RENEW OUR MEMORY  (Psalm 78:7-11)
    1. Three memory killers:
      1. The lust of the flesh  (Psalm 78:17, 19-20)
      2. The lure of the world  (Psalm 78:40-42)
      3. The lies of the devil  (Psalm 78:58)
  4. WE MUST RECLAIM OUR LEGACY  (Psalm 78:59-61)




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