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The Crucifixion Of King Self

Philippians 2:1-11
(RA-2439, Program: 1717, Air date: 04.23.17)

    1. King Self was born a king.
    2. We are all self-centered by nature.
    3. We need a mind-transplant; we need the mind of Christ.
  2. the mind of christ is a selfless mind
    1. Philippians 2: 4-6
    2. There is nothing as empty as a self-centered life, and there’s nothing as full as a life centered in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    3. The purpose of our lives is not to find freedom, but to find our Master. And when we find our Master we will find freedom.
      1. John 8:36
    4. We must have one mind as the body of Christ.
      1. Philippians 2:2-3
    5. It is appropriate for us to have a good self-image, but we must be humble as Christ was humble.
      1. John 13:3-4
    6. The secret of humility is thinking of others first.
      1. Philippians 2:4
    7. We are to love one another.
      1. John 13:34-35
    8. We are to receive one another.
      1. Romans 15:7
      2. Acts 16:11-34
      3. Romans 14:1
      4. 2 John 10
      5. John 4:1-25
    9. We are to greet one another.
      1. 1 Corinthians 16:20
      2. Romans 13:7
      3. It should be personal.
      4. It should be impartial.
      5. It should be thoughtful
      6. It should be friendly.
    10. We are to care for one another.
      1. 1 Corinthians 12:25
    11. We are to endure one another.
      1. Ephesians 4:2
    12. We are to forgive one another.
      1. Ephesians 4:32
    13. What are the marks of a selfish life?
      1. King Self has self-will.
        1. My will not Thy will.
        2. Isaiah 14:13-14
        3. Matthew 26:39
        4. John 5:30
      2. King Self is self-seeking.
        1. For my own pleasure and glory rather than for God’s glory.
        2. John 8:50
      3. King Self is self-assertive.
        1. More concerned with “ME-ology” rather than theology.
      4. King Self is self-indulgent.
        1. Motivated by selfish desire and not by principle.
      5. King Self is full of self-pity.
        1. Looking for attention by exaggerating their sorrows.
      6. King Self is self-conscious.
        1. Enjoys pouting and is easily wounded.
      7. King Self is self-deprecating.
        1. Always putting themselves down so that others will constantly lift them up.
        2. One of the worst forms of pride.
      8. King Self is self-exalting.
        1. Constantly praising themselves.
        2. They claim to be self-made and then they worship their creator.
      9. King Self is self-justifying.
        1. Is never wrong.
        2. Can never apologize.
        3. Has no failures.
      10. King Self is self-confident.
        1. “I can do things on my own,” (Peter) rather than, “I can do all things through Christ.” (Paul)
        2. Luke 22:33
        3. Philippians 4:13
  3. the mind of christ is a serving mind
    1. Philippians 2:7
    2. God made us to serve Him and others.
      1. 1 Corinthians 9:19
  4. the mind of christ is a sacrificial mind
    1. Philippians 2:8
    2. Jesus laid down His life for us.
    3. Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing.
    4. God has a specific ministry for each of us.
    1. When we are on the throne, Christ is on the cross. When Christ is on the throne, we are on the cross.
    2. We must deny and crucify King Self.
      1. Romans 7:18
      2. Romans 6:11
    3. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    4. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    5. Romans 10:9-10
    6. Romans 10:13


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