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Living On The Edge Of Eternity

Revelation 1:1-3
(RA-2172, Programs: 2317 & 2417, Air dates: 06.04.17 & 06.11.17)

    1. The book of the Revelation is a blessing book.
      1. Revelation 1:3
    2. The book of the Revelation was written by the Apostle John under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
    1. The book of the Revelation is about Jesus Christ.
    2. Many who study prophecy are more concerned about the “things” that are going to happen than the One who is going to come.
    3. The Greek word for “revelation” is the word from which we get “apocalypse.”
      1. “Revelation” literally means “an unveiling.”
      2. The book of the Revelation is the unveiling of Jesus Christ.
        1. We’re going to see Jesus Christ in a different way than we have seen Him before.
          1. When Jesus Christ came the first time, born in a manger, His glory was veiled.
          2. When Jesus Christ comes the second time, the veil is drawn back and His glory revealed.
        2. The book of the Revelation shows Jesus Christ coming as the Sovereign, as the King of kings and Lord of lords.
    1. The word “servant” in this passage means “bond slave.”
      1. A bond slave was someone who had been a slave, was set free, but who willingly went back to his master out of love and devotion toward his master.
      2. As believers, we are bond slaves of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2. Since the book of the Revelation is a revelation of Jesus to His servants, the book will remain a mystery to those who are not bond slaves of Jesus Christ.
    1. If we read and heed this book, we will receive a blessing.
    2. The word “hear” in this passage does not mean to merely hear with our ears, but to get it into our hearts and to heed it.
    3. What is the blessing?  We understand the mystery of history.
      1. The world around us does not make sense apart from the book of the Revelation and what God reveals in its pages.
      2. God is moving all things to a purpose.
        1. Revelation 11:15
      3. The devil is not found in the first two chapters of the Bible, nor is He found in the last two chapters of the Bible.
      4. The book of the Revelation brings stability and helps make sense of our suffering.
      5. James 5:8
    1. The time is always at hand.
    2. The last days began when Jesus ascended; we are living in the last days.
      1. 1 Corinthians 10:11
      2. 1 Peter 4:7
      3. Philippians 4:5
      4. James 5:8
      5. 1 John 2:18
    3. We are not waiting on certain prophecies to be fulfilled before Jesus Christ can return.
    4. The imminency of Jesus’ return can be well described as walking along the edge of the ocean’s shore:  we are always walking along the edge of eternity.
    1. The golden key to understanding the book of the Revelation is found in Revelation 1:19.
      1. The book is divided into three categories:
        1. “The things which thou hast seen.”
          1. John had seen a vision of the glorified, conquering Christ.
          2. The book of the Revelation presents Jesus not as Savior, but as Judge.
          3. Revelation 1:12-18
          4. The book of the Revelation unveils the glorified Christ.
        2. “The things which are.”
          1. This refers to the present time; the Church Age.
          2. The Church Age began with Pentecost and will end with the coming of Jesus Christ for His church.
          3. Revelation 2 - 3 deal with the things that are.
            1. Revelation 2:11
            2. The refrain “He that hath an ear, let him hear” is repeated throughout these passages.
            3. The Holy Spirit is speaking.
            4. Do we have ears to hear?
          4. These chapters speak of seven (seven being the perfect number) churches representing all churches of all times.
        3. “The things which shall be.”
          1. This is the third category in the book.
          2. This section spans Revelation 4 - 22.
  7. “THE THINGS WHICH SHALL BE HEREAFTER”  (Revelation 4 - 22)
    1. The rapture and the translation of the saints.
      1. Revelation 4:1
      2. In a vision, John hears a voice and a trumpet and is caught up into Heaven.
        1. This is the rapture of the church being typified.
      3. The word “rapture” simply means “to be caught away.”
        1. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
    2. The tribulation and the regimentation of this world.
      1. Revelation 6:12-17
      2. When the saints are taken out, the antichrist will come and transform the world into a vast concentration camp.
      3. The Bible refers to this time as the day of God’s wrath.
      4. Revelation 9:6
    3. Armageddon and the destruction of the beast.
      1. Revelation 13:1-3
      2. Satan’s superman, the Beast (the antichrist), will hold sway over the earth and regiment the world by economy and miracles during the Great Tribulation.
      3. This leads up to the final battle - the Battle of Armageddon.
      4. Revelation 16:13-16
        1. Demon spirits will gather the kings of the Earth and draw them into this final battle.
        2. It will appear as if Israel will be destroyed.
      5. Revelation 19:11-16
      6. Revelation 19:19-21
        1. The antichrist will be at the battle with his armies.
        2. Jesus Christ, followed with the armies of Heaven, will come to this battle with His church.
        3. Jesus will destroy the enemy’s armies with His Word.
    4. The millennium and the glorification of the Savior.
      1. Revelation 20:1-6
      2. This is a literal 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ upon the Earth.
        1. Matthew 6:10
        2. Matthew 5:5
    5. The final judgment and condemnation of sinners.
      1. Revelation 20:11-15
      2. This refers to the Great White Throne of judgment.
      3. We each have a date with deity.
      4. Jesus Christ is unavoidable and inescapable.
      5. If we do not meet the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, then we will meet Him as the Sovereign Judge.
    6. The eternal state and the destination of the species.
      1. Revelation 21:6-8
      2. We were created in God’s image; therefore, we cannot cease to exist.
        1. We will either live eternally with God the Father in Heaven, or in eternal separation from the love of God in Hell.
      3. If we think we can go to Heaven without being born again, then we are ignorant of two things:
        1. We do not know how sinful we are.
        2. We do not know how holy God is.
      4. Our eternal destination depends upon what we do with Jesus Christ.
    1. The last invitation in the Bible is found in Revelation 22:17.
      1. If you want to be saved, then come.
      2. The Bible says we can take of the water of life freely.
    2. The last prayer in the Bible is found in Revelation 22:20.
      1. Even so, Lord Jesus, come.
    3. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    4. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    5. Romans 10:9-10
    6. Romans 10:13


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