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Five Ways To Be A Successful Husband

(RA2229 ~ ­Program: 2413, Air date 06.19.2016)


    1. 1 Peter 3:7-9
    2. A problem in many homes today is drop-out dads who are failing to honor their God-given roles and responsibilities within their families.
    3. One of the best things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
    1. The deep need of a woman’s heart is total togetherness with her husband.
    2. The Latin word for intimacy means “inmost”; it is opening up and sharing.
    3. Intimacy includes:
      1. Verbal intimacy – share your secrets, hopes, dreams, plans.
      2. Emotional intimacy – laughing together, crying together; sharing heartaches, joys, and fears.
      3. Intellectual intimacy – share your ideas and interests in books, theology, politics.
      4. Social intimacy – you have the same friends, enjoy the same kinds of recreation and hobbies.
      5. Spiritual intimacy – pray together.
      6. Physical intimacy - where two become one flesh.
    1. Men and women are equal, but they are not identical.
    2. The distinction between the sexes has nothing to do with equality; we have the sameness of worth but difference of function.
    3. What are some general differences between men and women?
      1. God designed the man to be the initiator and the woman to be the responder.
      2. Men tend to think logically; women tend to think emotionally.
      3. Men tend to be doers; women tend to be “be”-ers.  A man is goal-oriented, with his greatest fulfillment found in his work; a woman’s greatest fulfillment is in her home and her relationships.
      4. Men tend to be silent; women tend to talk.
      5. Men tend to look for success; women tend to look for security.
  4. GIVE HONOR TO YOUR WIFE.  (1 Peter 3:7)
    1. This means to esteem her as having great value.
    2. Ways you can honor your wife:
      1. Put her on a pedestal.
      2. Let your children know how much you love and honor her.
      3. Praise her in front of her friends.
      4. Verbalize your praise to her.
      5. Praise her not only for her physical charm and beauty, but also for her character traits.
  5. SHARE FREELY WITH YOUR WIFE.  (1 Peter 3:7)
    1. Husbands and wives need to understand that they have an equal inheritance as the children of God.
      1. Galatians 3:28
    2. More than anything else, the mark of sharing fully with your wife is praying together.
      1. Why does a man find it hard to pray with his wife?
        1. God designed the man to be the provider and protector, so he’s built with kind of a hard, outer shell. 
          1. Genesis 2:15
      2. Why does a woman desire to pray with her husband?
        1. It’s an affirmation of her; it speaks of equality and trust.
        2. It says that her husband recognizes her as a spiritual entity.
        3. It says that her husband has a genuine interest in her spiritual growth.
        4. It says that her husband has time for her.
        5. It says that she is part of her husband’s spiritual life.
        6. It says that her husband desires to have spiritual leadership in their home.
        7. It says that her husband is tending to his duties as the spiritual leader.
  6. DEAL GENTLY WITH YOUR WIFE.  (1 Peter 3:7-8)
    1. Be of compassion; the word “compassion” in 1 Peter 3:8 literally means “with feeling.”
    2. To “love as brethren,” according to verse 8, means friendship love.  Your wife should be your best friend.
    3. To “be pitiful” means that you hurt when your wife hurts; you love her as you love your own body.
    4. To “be courteous” is just love in the little things.


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