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Jesus, The Light of the World

March 11, 2015 Save Article


John 1:1-14
(Program 1895, Airing on 3.15.09)

    1. John 1:1-9
    2. Light has come into the world; Jesus is the Light of the world.
      1. Isaiah 9:2, 6
      2. Luke 1:78-79
      3. Luke 2:28-32
      4. John 3:19
    3. Notice five things about the glorious light of Jesus.
    1. Light can never be defiled; light can never be corrupted.
    2. Jesus was in the world, but He was not of the world. (John 1:10, 17:16)
      1. Jesus exposed sin, but He was never contaminated by sin.
      2. Jesus could touch sinners, but sin never touched Him.
    3. Jesus is absolutely pure.
    1. The one constant in the physical universe is the speed of light.
    2. Jesus, the Light of the world, is our one constant.
    3. Jesus is God, and God cannot change.
      1. James 1:17
      2. Malachi 3:6
      3. Hebrews 13:8
  4. THE VICTORY OF HIS LIGHT (John 1:3-5)
    1. John 1:5 says, referring to the Light, that “the darkness comprehended it not.” Three translations of that phrase include:
      1. The darkness has not overcome the Light.
      2. The darkness cannot put out the Light.
      3. The darkness can never extinguish the Light.
    2. Throughout history, there has been a battle between darkness and light; but the darkness has no power against the Light.
      1. Illustration: If you’re in a dark room, how do you get the darkness out? By turning on the light; then the darkness must flee.
    3. 1 Timothy 6:16
    1. Light and life are inextricably interwoven. You cannot have life unless you have light.
      1. The process of photosynthesis is an illustration of this; whereby light is fundamental to the development of plant life and other living, growing things.
      2. When God brought life to chaos, He said, “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3)
    2. There is no life without Jesus.
      1. When Adam sinned, the Lord went out and man became depraved.
      2. When the Lord went out, the life went out and man died.
      3. When the life went out, the light went out and man became darkened.
      4. When we surrender to the Lordship of Christ, the Lord comes back in, the light is turned on, and life begins again.
  6. THE GLORY OF HIS LIGHT (John 1:14)
    1. In the Bible, the number seven represents perfection. The spectrum of light is comprised of seven colors; this reminds us of the perfection of Jesus.
    2. Put all of these seven colors together and the result is pure white; this speaks of the holiness of our Lord.
    3. Without light, there is no color; just as Jesus is the one who makes everything glorious.
    4. Jesus is the one who gives glory, joy, and victory