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How To Be A Fully Committed Disciple Of Jesus Christ

November 18, 2016 Save Article


Luke 14:25-35
(Program 2434, Air date 02.11.07)

  1. Disciple means “a learner”
    1. To be like Jesus
    2. Salvation is free – discipleship cost
  2. Disciples must worship at any cost (Vs. 26-27) - Crucifixion
    1. Jesus must come before personal relationships
      1. Is Jesus number one in your life?
    2. Jesus must come before personal reputation
      1. Take yourself off the throne and enthrone Jesus
    3. Jesus must come before personal realization
      1. Something you willingly take up
      2. Tozer’s comments about what it means to take up the cross:
        1. A man who is crucified is facing only one way.
        2. A man who is crucified is not going back.
        3. A man who is crucified has no further plans of his own.
  3. Disciples must work at any cost (Vs. 28) - Construction
    1. Life is like a tower
      1. Spiritually conceived
      2. Sacrificially constructed
      3. Steadfastly complete
  4. Disciples must war at any cost (Vs. 30-32) - Conflict
    1. A disciple is at war with this world
    2. God called us to be soldiers not diplomats
    3. We can’t be cautious – these days call for radical discipleship.
  5. Disciples must witness at any cost (Vs. 34-35) - Commission
    1. We are the salt of the earth and salt preserves
    2. Salt flavors - Is there something about your life that’s different?
    3. Salt heals – antiseptic – our world is sick and needs salty saints
    4. Salt burns – we are going to irritate some people
    5. Salt penetrates – it permeates everything
      1. We are to be separate from sin, but not isolated from sinners
      2. Witness at any cost


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