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Five Principles Of Prosperity

March 11, 2015 Save Article


Genesis 24 (Program: 2195, Air dates: 10.19.2014 & 10.26.2014)

    1. Genesis 24:56
    2. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants.
      1. Psalm 1:3
    3. In this passage, Abraham is a picture of God the Father, Isaac is a picture of Jesus and Eliezer is a picture of the Holy Spirit.
  1. ESTABLISH YOUR CAUSE. (Genesis 24:1-4)
    1. Every person needs a purpose or cause for their life.
    2. We should beware of vague goals.
      1. We need specificity and clarity when it comes to our goals.
    3. We should beware of unworthy goals.
      1. What is a worthy goal?
        1. Is it God-given?
        2. Does it cause motivation?
        3. Does it demand our very best?
        4. Can we legitimately ask God to help us fulfill it?
    4. We should beware of unbalanced goals.
      1. If we accomplish our goals, where will we be?
      2. If we accomplish our goals, what will we have?
        1. Are the things we are living for worth Jesus dying for?
  1. EXAMINE YOUR CONDITION. (Genesis 5-8)
    1. We need to determine where we are now.
    2. We need to diagnose our problems.
      1. Problems do not mean that God is not with us.
        1. 1 Corinthians 16:9
      2. We need to thank God for our problems because those problems provide the work that we do.
    3. We need to make a plan for our problems.
      1. Luke 14:28
      2. Opportunity swings on the hinges of opposition.
  1. ENCOURAGE YOUR CONFIDENCE. (Genesis 24:5-7)
    1. The promise factor
      1. We have promises in the Word of God.
        1. Joshua 1:8
    2. The profit factor
      1. We need to ask ourselves what our real motivation is for living for the Lord.
      2. What is the proper motivation?
        1. Our Master will be pleased.
        2. There will be a bride for Jesus.
        3. God will be glorified.
      3. It’s not wrong to serve for a reward.
        1. Matthew 25:23
      4. When we determine the “why” God will show us the “how.”
    3. The prayer factor
      1. Genesis 24:12
      2. Eliezer asked God to prosper him in his purpose.
      3. Philippians 4:13
      4. We need to have a desire when we pray.
        1. Mark 11:24
  1. ENFORCE YOUR CHARACTER. (Genesis 24:21)
    1. We need to discipline our decisions.
      1. Genesis 24:21
    2. We need to discipline our appetites.
      1. Genesis 24:33
    3. We need to discipline our time.
      1. Genesis 24:56
      2. We must not waste the time that we have been given.
    4. When we enforce our character, we must pay the price.
      1. Genesis 24:53
      2. God has given us everything we need to fulfill our purpose for Him.
  1. ENLIST YOUR COMRADES. (Genesis 24:49-67)
    1. We cannot accomplish our goals by ourselves.
    2. God makes us dependent upon one another.
    1. Luke 12:13-20
    2. The bottom line is when we die, we leave behind everything we have and take everything that we are.
    3. Mark 8:36


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