Families That Choose Life

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Exodus 20:13
(RA-1858, Program: 4517, Air date: 11.05.17)

    1. Life is a wonderful gift from God, and we ought to enjoy life and choose life.
    2. Jesus is the great life giver; Satan is the great life destroyer.
      1. John 10:10
    3. The sixth commandment tells us to choose life.
      1. Exodus 20:13
    4. As parents, we need to teach our children and our families to choose life.
    1. Jesus give us physical life.
      1. John 1:3
      2. Genesis 2:7
      3. We were created by a loving Creator.
      4. Evolution is not science; it is a bias against Almighty God.
      5. We need to teach our children that Jesus Christ is the author of physical life.
    2. Jesus gives us spiritual life.
      1. John 14:6
        1. Without Jesus, there is no going.
        2. Without Jesus, there is no knowing.
        3. Without Jesus, there is no growing.
      2. Christians are not just nice people trying to do better; we are new creatures having been regenerated and supernaturally transformed by Jesus Christ.
    3. Jesus gives us eternal life.
      1. John 10:10
      2. John 10:27-28
      3. Eternal life speaks of the quality and quantity of life.
        1. Jesus adds years to the life and life to the years.
        2. It is never ending life.
    4. Whereas Jesus Christ is the great life giver, Satan is the minister of destruction.
      1. John 10:10
      2. John 8:44
      3. Exodus 20:13 is another way of saying that we must reject Satan; we must choose life.
      4. Satan wants to bring death to our families.
        1. He wants to bring death to youth.
        2. He wants to bring death to purity.
        3. He wants to bring death to joy.
        4. He wants to bring death to happiness.
        5. He wants to bring physical death.
        6. He wants to bring spiritual and eternal death.
      5. Satan hates life because he hates man.
        1. He hates man because man is in the image of God, and Satan hates God.
      6. Satan is a murder, and his method is deception.
    5. Deuteronomy 30:15-20
    6. Genesis 2:7 shows that God gave man spiritual life and that man became a living soul.
      1. The souls speaks of the mind, emotion and the will.
      2. Every person has three kinds of life:
        1. With his body, he has physical life.
          1. We know the world beneath us.
        2. With his soul, he has social life.
          1. We know the world around us.
          2. This is our psychological life.
        3. With his spirit, he has spiritual life.
          1. We know the world above us.
    7. Fathers are to protect these three kinds of life for their wives and children.
      1. Deuteronomy 22:8
      2. t is the father’s responsibility to build “a wall” to protect his family from various types of death.
    1. There are several forms of destruction from which parents are to protect their homes.
      1. Intentional killing
      2. Suicide
        1. Our lives belong to God.
        2. God is wise enough, strong enough and good enough to handle what comes our way.
        3. 1 Corinthians 10:1
          1. The word “temptation” in this passage does not only mean sin, but also means testing, trial and sorrow.
          2. God will make a way.
      3. The crime of infanticide
        1. Jeremiah 1:5
        2. Pre-born life is real life and precious in the sight of Almighty God.
    2. There are also several indirect ways to transgress Exodus 20:13.
      1. Cruelty
      2. Corrupt businesses, such as the alcohol business.
        1. Habakkuk 2:12
        2. Habakkuk 2:15
      3. Failing to take care of our bodies; temple maintenance.
      4. Hatred
        1. 1 John 3:15
    1. We should make our homes a happy place.
    1. Parents, especially fathers, should lead their children to Christ.
    2. Parents should pray and plead for the spiritual lives of their children.
    1. Choose life today. Choose the abundant, eternal life that Jesus Christ offers.
    2. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    3. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    4. Romans 10:9-10
    5. Romans 10:13


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