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Discovering Your Ministry

March 11, 2015 Save Article


Romans 12:1-13 (­Program 2074, Air dates 07.07.2013 and 07.14.2013)

    1. It is logical that God puts us in ministry.
    2. We’re in the business of serving the Lord.
    3. It is imperative that we find our gifts and use them.
      1. The hour that we live in is desperate.
        1. Militant atheism is on the march.
        2. Moral standards have toppled.
      2. The hour that we live in is ripe.
        1. There is new hunger for spiritual things.
      3. The hour that we live in is late.
        1. We are living in the last days.
        2. We are in a race against time, against sin, against Satan and against self.
  1. THE PRINCIPLE OF LORDSHIP (Romans 12:1-2)
    1. The request
      1. Romans 12:1
        1. We need to present ourselves to the Lord.
        2. God may not answer our requests if we don’t answer His request of us.
    2. The reasons
      1. Romans 12:1
        1. We are His; we are not our own. We are bought with a price.
          1. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
    3. The requirement
      1. Romans 12:1
        1. We are to be a sacrifice.
          1. The sacrifice is personal. No one else can do it for us.
          2. The sacrifice is slain. We lose all of our rights when we die to self.
          3. The sacrifice is whole. God will not accept a partial sacrifice. It has to be 100%
          4. The sacrifice is bound. Devotion and discipline keep us bound to the altar.
            1. Worship is being bound to the altar and being consumed by the Lord.
    4. The result
      1. Romans 12:2
        1. Transformation
          1. When we are consumed upon the altar, we are transformed. The inner nature comes to the surface.
          2. This is the same transformation Jesus went through on the Mount of Transfiguration.
            1. Matthew 19:2
            2. Jesus was ordinary to look at, but when He was transfigured His true nature came to the surface.
              1. Isaiah 53:2
          3. The inner nature of Jesus is Deity. The inner nature of a Christian is Jesus.
            1. If we let Him, Jesus will come out of us.
        2. Revelation
          1. Romans 12:2-3
            1. When we are transformed, we are given the mind of Christ.
            2. God wants us to think with our renewed minds so that we can clearly see what our gifts are and how to use them.
    1. The church is not an organization with Jesus as the president; it is an organism with Jesus as the head.
    2. God has made us different so that He might make us one.
    3. We are not supposed to be able to function without each other.
    1. There seven areas of stewardship given in this passage.
      1. Prophecy
        1. Romans 12:6
        2. 1 Corinthians 14:3
        3. Prophecy is the ability to speak for God.
      2. Ministry/Service
        1. Romans 12:7
        2. This gift includes general church work.
      3. Teaching
      4. Exhortation
        1. Romans 12:8
        2. This gift is characterized by getting people excited about the Lord.
      5. Giving
        1. Romans 12:8
        2. We are all called to give, but those with the gift of giving give above and beyond and sacrificially.
      6. Ruling/Leadership
      7. Mercy
        1. Romans 12:8
    1. All of our gifts come together and function to the fullest when we are serving the Lord in fellowship.
    1. Many have given their hearts to Lord without finding their gifts.
    2. We need to come to, the Lord, giving Him our lives anew and afresh as a living sacrifice.


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