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An Old Testament Portrait of Christ

March 11, 2015 Save Article


Genesis 22 (Program: 2016, Air date: 1.6.2014)

    1. Isaac is a picture of Jesus.
    2. His birth was prophesied.
      1. Genesis 18:9-14
    3. His birth was preset.
      1. Genesis 18:10
      2. Galatians 4:4
      3. Genesis 17:19
      4. Matthew 1:21
      5. Isaiah 7:14
    4. Isaac’s birth was prophesied just as Jesus’ birth.
    5. Isaac’s name was given beforehand just as Jesus’ name was given.
    6. Isaac was born of a miraculous conception just as Jesus’ was born of a virgin.
    7. Isaac was counted as Abraham’s only beloved son.
      1. Genesis 22:1-3
      2. John 3:16
    8. Abraham saw Isaac raised from the dead figuratively.
      1. Genesis 22:4
      2. Hebrews 11:19
  1. A SPECIFIC PLACE (Genesis 22:2-4)
    1. God chose the place where Isaac would be sacrificed specifically.
    2. The name of the mountain is Moriah which means, “Foreseen of the Lord.”
    3. The most significant thing about Mt. Moriah is that it is the same mountain that Christ was crucified on. Mt. Moriah is Calvary.
      1. Luke 23:33
  1. A SOLEMN PURPOSE (Genesis 22:2, 7-10)
    1. Isaac was not forced to be the sacrifice.
    2. Isaac laid down his life willingly.
      1. Matthew 26:39
    3. Isaac carried the wood for the burnt offering just like Jesus carried the cross.
      1. John 19:17
    4. The cord speaks of the binding power of sin.
    5. The knife speaks of the bleeding power of sin.
    6. The wood speaks of the burning power of sin.
  1. A SACRED PROMISE (Genesis 22:11-14)
    1. The scene shifts and Isaac is no longer a picture of Jesus, but becomes a picture of us.
    2. The ram is caught by its horns in thorns. It is a picture of a Lamb crowned with thorns.
    3. God provided the lamb for Abraham, and God provided the Lamb for us.
      1. John 8:56
      2. Galatians 3:8
    1. God is our provider.
    2. He has provided for our greatest need: our need for a Savior.
    3. He provides all of our other needs in life.
    4. He has given us everything so we should give it all back to Him.
      1. Romans 8:32


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