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Joseph: a Type of Christ

Joseph's life is one of the most gripping stories in the Bible. From it emerges one of the greatest truths: what Satan means for evil in our lives, God means for good. Joseph's life marvelously depicts the Lord Jesus Christ, the coming Savi...

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The Stairway To Heaven

In Jacob's ladder we see 3 truths pictured: the sinner, the Savior, and salvation. Is there a place where you met God? Jacob could point to the exact spot, and the Lord stood at the top of that staircase. Jacob's ladder is an Old Testament ...

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Bringing Back the Bride

Isaac and Rebekah depict Jesus and His bride, the Church. By faith Rebekah followed Eleazar's leading and left her home to accept Isaac, a man she had never met! The Holy Spirit offers you the same opportunity. What will you do when you see...

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