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Allow God to Use You

The Bible says the eyes of the Lord are searching, looking for men, women, boys, and girls He can use. Are some folks being used of God, but you're not? Get yourself usable. Be completely available to Him, and God will wear you out. ...

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You Are a Temple

They talk about wanting more of the Holy Spirit. The problem is not for you to get more of the Holy Spirit, for the Bible says God doesn’t give His Spirit by measure. You have all the Holy Spirit you’re ever going to get....

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Are You Really Successful?

Success is simply the progressive realization of the will of God for your life. Ask yourself, “Am I actively seeking to know God’s will?” Be diligent to find out what it is....

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Do You Live in Victory?

In your life in Christ, are you just circling around? Stuck in a rut? Off in the ditch? Or do your children see a vibrant, personal relationship with the God who parted the Red Sea and is answering your prayers today?...

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You Must Be Filled

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? It implies continuous control by the Holy Spirit. The emphasis is on “be filled,” not “get filled.”...

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You Are Not God

God says, “My thoughts and your thoughts are different. My ways and your ways are different.” We need to understand that God works on a different thought level than we do....

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