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You've Got 3 Ways to Get to Heaven

The only way to Heaven is to receive Christ as your personal Savior. Are you certain you’re saved, your sins forgiven? It’s not something you inherit by doing it; it’s a gift of God you receive by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ....

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Your Accuser Won't Stop

Satan is constantly accusing you. He wants you to sin, encourages you to sin, then he wants you to suffer the consequences. He points out your sin so you’ll get into the guilt trap....

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Do Not Hold Onto Anger

Not all anger is bad or sinful. Many things in our world should move you to anger. The Lord Jesus Himself was moved with righteous anger when it was called for....

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Are You a Closet Cynic?

A cynic is one who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Many people today scorn the Gospel and haven’t discerned the inherent goodness in Jesus Christ because they’re cynics....

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You’ve Got 24 for You to Use

Every day is a gift from God. Time is something God gave you today and will give you tomorrow. It’s not something you own. God is the creator, the possessor of time....

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