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What Are You Grasping for Today?

What are you grasping for today? Position? Power? Possessions? Prestige? Whatever it is, if you desire it more than you desire to know Him, it will turn to ash in your hand....

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Do You Want Jesus to Be Real to You?

Keep the Word of God. That's a simple principle, but how important it is. Jesus said, “He that keeps my commandments, he it is that loves Me, and he that loves Me shall be loved of My Father and I will manifest Myself to him.” You want Him ...

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You Can’t Spoil a Baby

Keep your eyes and ears open. Let the Holy Spirit show you if there is someone you can befriend and help to grow, as Barnabas did Saul/Paul....

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Face to Face with God

Not everyone can recite Psalm 23 and claim it for their own. It belongs to those who’ve found a personal relationship with the Lord—a personal, permanent, protected relationship that will endure for all eternity....

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