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Why I Believe in Jesus

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: John 6:66-69 If you were given the chance to speak to someone who has never known the love of God, what would you say? If you knew it would be the first, and perhaps the only time he would ever hear a mess...

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Understanding the New Birth

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: John 3:1-7 In John 3:1-7, Jesus explains to Nicodemus the concept of being “born again.” And if you are a Christian, you are born again. Adrian Rogers says, “By your first birth you have existence. By your...

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My Heart--God's Home

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: 1 Corinthians 6:19 Where does God live? As we study the Bible, it seems God doesn’t seem to stay put…until recently. God’s first house was Adam. Adam was to be a royal residence: designed with a body, soul...

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The Church Triumphant

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Matthew 16:13 In Matthew 16:13-20, Simon Peter declares Jesus is the Messiah they’ve long waited for. As a result of his bold faith, Jesus changed his name to Peter (which means “rock”). Jesus then declare...

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The Gospel According to Joseph

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Genesis 45 When Joseph was young, his brothers sold him as a slave to the Egyptian guard. However, God was with Joseph. Through divine providence, Joseph became the prime minister of Egypt. Joseph was on...

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Joseph: A Portrait of Jesus

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Genesis 37 The Bible is all about the Lord Jesus Christ. Through His Word, God gives us many prophetic portraits of His Son, one being Joseph in the Book of Genesis. There are four episodes in the life of ...

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How You Can Be Sure

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Acts 10:33-42 Acts 10 tells the story of a Roman army officer named Cornelius. Cornelius was also a Gentile. Up until this time, the Gentiles had not been added to the Christian church (the early believers...

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The Conquest

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Acts 4:1-20 Acts 4 tells of the great conquest of Jesus Christ, the one who died and arose from the grave. He is still alive and well; the Christ that walked the shores of Galilee is alive through His new ...

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The Keys to a Beautiful Life

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Acts 3:1-10 Acts 3 tells the story of Peter and John healing the crippled man at the gate of the temple in Jesus’ name. As a result, perhaps twenty thousand people came to know and follow Jesus Christ. In ...

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