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Is It Really Just a Small, Small World?

If you are a child of God, you’re going to find yourself in conflict with this world. It is our first duty as Believers to separate ourselves from it and its charming persuasions, controlling power, and corrupting pollution. In this message...

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Liberated Living

How can we be liberated from the old nature" and the power of sin in our lives? You CAN have victory over those things which hold you in bondage. If you are on the edge of giving up this message is for you. Learn how to break free with 3 of...

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The Five Pillars of Salvation

Have you ever considered what your salvation is resting upon? It has to withstand the world, the flesh and the devil--and it has to last forever. Be fortified with this message from one of the greatest chapters in all the Bible, Romans chap...

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Christians In Captivity

How sad when Christians who are supposed to be conquerors are taken captive by the world, the flesh and the devil because they've disobeyed the Lord. Have you "hung your harp on the willow tree"? Only one thing can take your song away, and ...

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Dads Who Shoot Straight

Satan has unleashed an all-out war on the family. Dads are to be the mighty warriors and children are arrows in the hand of the father. When dads learn to shoot straight, the kids are going to hit the mark. Listen and learn how you can shoo...

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The Battle for Your Mind

All of us fight the battle of the bulge and those kind of battles are with us always, but there is a battle more deadly, more sinister. It is a battle for the mind, a deadly war that is between God and Satan and the battleground is, believe...

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Live Like a King in Victory

This passage is familiar to most the story of David and Goliath. If you're a Christian, you're in a battle between good and evil. What giant is coming against you? God wants you to have the victory He's already won in the battle against you...

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The Gospel Truth

Do you want the bad news or the good news? In this message from Adrian Rogers, he delivers the bad news first and then the good news concerning the bad news!...

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