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Why I Am Pro-Life

Sermon OverviewScripture Passage: Isaiah 5:20Under the clever guise of “choice,” abortion is not only legal, but also societally acceptable in America.Adrian Rogers reminds us of three sure things in regards to choice: “You are free to choo...

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Treasuring Marital Fidelity

Recent studies reveal that one in every 4 homes has been touched by adultery. God has placed a hedge of fidelity around marriage--for good reason. What affects our homes affects the next generation and our survival as a nation....

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Cleansing with Chastisement

Learn both the consequences and mercy that come with cleansing after repentance. It’s better not to sin than to sin and get forgiven, for there’s the Law of the Harvest. David was a great sinner, but he was a man after God’s own heart and b...

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The Way Back to God

When Nathan confronted David, thankfully David repented and cried out for forgiveness. But there’s a sin unto death. Not the unforgiveable sin—something entirely different. You need to know about it. As God confronts you with your sin, if y...

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Then Came Sin

Twenty-seven times in the New Testament we are told to run from temptation. “A companion of fools will be destroyed.” We can’t help but wonder what might have been the glorious conclusion of David’s reign and future of his family, had he no...

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Preparing for the Battle

Would you be surprised to learn that the world's most successful pornographer is Satan? He's behind the whole industry. All-out war has been declared on the family, the home, the nation, and your heart. IN Ephesians 5, Adrian Rogers show us...

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Protect Your Home

Satan is out to destroy your home and family, and one of his chief tools is pornography. Our homes are deluged by sexually explicit images on television. In this powerful message, Adrian Rogers give 10 practical steps you must take today to...

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Guard Your Heart

Today we are watching an entire generation being destroyed by a tidal wave of perversion. Satan's goal is to corrupt our minds. You must determine with your whole heart that you're going to stay pure. Adrian Rogers gives seven steps for hav...

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The Moses Principle

Today's culture is awash with pornography it fills our media and influences our children. Adrian Rogers shows the difference between love and lust and that lust is actually the opposite of love ! Learn how to choose the Moses principle and ...

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