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The Wrath of the Lamb and the Coming of Tribulations

In this message, Dr. Rogers examines the seven seals of judgment as we see the beginning of the great tribulation. - a time when hell will have a holiday, a time on earth that Jesus said there has never ever been a time like this....

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Beauty and the Beast

While exiled from the court of King Saul, David encountered a beast of a man in the story of Abigail and her husband, worthless Nabal. You'll come face-to-face with him too. Nabal shows us what may be our own heart toward God. Learn what ma...

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From the Palace to the Pit

Satan himself has gone from the palace and is headed toward the pit. There is a kingdom of evil. And we need to understand that we are citizens of another kingdom and that we have victory day-by-day if we will appropriate it....

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The Lost World

Have you ever wondered why with all the proof of God's existence some people claim to be atheists? Don't miss this powerful message, as Dr. Rogers explains why and leads a tour of the way down" that ends in self-destruction. Some have chose...

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