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The Only Hope for America

In this message, Adrian Rogers says that "the scream of the American eagle has become the twitter of a frightened sparrow." How true today! This message will educate you on the purpose of government and inspire you to do more to take part i...

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How to Behave in a Cave

If we are to be under the authority set over us, what happens when we have a government, a boss, or a spouse that is an unworthy authority? Join Adrian Rogers as he explains what Scripture says about that issue....

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A Nation in Crisis

How did we get to this place in our country? Does God even hear our prayers? These questions and so many more are addressed as Adrian Rogers explains through Scripture as to how we got here and what we need to do now....

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Is There Hope for America?

Deep in the souls of the Founding Fathers beat hearts that longed for freedom. They knew that God was the foundation, so much so, that they called for prayer and fasting. Where did we go wrong?...

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The Politics of Pilgrims

As Christians, we are pilgrims in a hostile land. Our help will not come from Washington! Adrian Rogers gives us the principles so relevant to our current political climate and the choices we have before us in November....

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How to Pray for America

These are important days - days that need our attention and diligence. Join Adrian Rogers as he calls us to action with prayer as our greatest resource....

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America Needs Healing

In this study of the great "If My People" passage, Adrian Rogers analyzes what it will take for true revival and restoration in America--and it will not be political. We must seek God's face, not His hand, and it all depends on our repentan...

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Will God Impeach America

God blessed America is sick unto death! Do you want God to hear from heaven and heal our land? Join Adrian Rogers as he looks at the nation Israel in Psalm 80 and you will see why God is America's biggest threat and our only hope....

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