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Preparing For Persecution - Part 2

In Part One of this article, we looked at the situation for the true Christian living in a culture where the prevalent worldview mocks and ridicules the God of the Bible and His precepts for living. And those who stand with Jesus Christ, br...

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One Nation Under God

When the Mayflower first touched America’s shore, the Pilgrims first—before coming ashore—gathered below deck to compose The Mayflower Compact. It began, “In the name of God, amen.” In it they stated their purpose for coming ...

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How To Get Up When You're Down

Adrian Rogers once observed that as a pastor he had learned there is a heartache in every pew, and—as the old Spanish proverb says—“There is no home without its hush.” We all have storms and difficulties. But what many of us experience goe...

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