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Spouse Abuse

Spouse Abuse This question, unfortunately, is on the minds of many women across our country. Some cultures actually excuse and condone violence against women and children. But let me assure you, it is a despicable and cowardly act. Many times an abused woman endures for the sake of the children. Though it may sound noble, it teaches little boys that it is acceptable to batter women. It also teaches little girls to tolerate and expect abuse in a relations... Read More

Child Abuse

Child Abuse According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry sexual abuse of children is reported up to 80,000 times a year, but the number of unreported instances is likely far greater. Furthermore, the long-term emotional and psychological damage of sexual abuse can be devastating to the child. Tragically, you know this better than any psychiatrist. Given what you know and what is supported by studies, you more than anybody should ... Read More

Family Child Abuse

Family Child Abuse Everything that God made, He said was “good” (Genesis 1:31). Look closely at the evils in our society. You will notice that they are all abuses of God’s “good” gifts for selfish gratification. Predictably, God’s most wonderful gifts are used for man’s greatest evil—with sexuality at the top of the list. Improper use of God’s gifts, particularly sexual intimacy, leads to physical and emotional scars that can last a lifetime. When ... Read More

What does it mean to have an advocate in Jesus Christ?

What does it mean to have an advocate in Jesus Christ? Advocate is just a fancy term for a lawyer, someone who pleads your case before the bar or justice. John writes, “If any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous” (I John 2:1). Jesus goes before God on our behalf and says, “Father, I know they are sinners, but they have repented and My blood has cleansed them. They belong to Me.” Actually, we have two divine advocates... Read More

What evidence is there that the Bible is in fact God's Word?

What evidence is there that the Bible is in fact God's Word? I want to give you five reasons to affirm the Bible is the Word of God. First, I believe the Bible is the Word of God because of its scientific accuracy. The Truth of the Word of God tells us that God “hangeth the earth upon nothing” (Job 26:7). How did Job know that the earth hung in space before the age of modern astronomy and space travel? The Holy Spirit told him. The scientists of Isaiah’s ... Read More

Is there historical evidence of Jesus's life?

Is there historical evidence of Jesus' life? A student recently conducted an experiment. Standing in front of a store, he asked people to sign a petition to outlaw a potentially deadly substance.In excessive amounts this substance inhibits respiration, ruins crops and destroys property, among other things. He called the substance "dihydrogen oxide." A substantial number of adults signed the petition. Finally, somebody recognized the "potentially deadly" s... Read More

What was the reason for the cross?

What was the reason for the cross? I can answer your friend’s question in one word sin. Life is short. Death is sure. Sin the curse, Christ the cure. And how does He cure? Through the cross of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.First Peter 3:18 says, “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit.”Suppose someone punched you in the nose. And s... Read More

Is the Bible culturally outdated in regards to fashion?

Is the Bible culturally outdated in regards to fashion? Styles change. What may have been thought of as pertaining to a man in Bible times may not pertain to a man today, and the same with the style of women. For example, men in Bible times wore robes that look very much like dresses. A man in our western culture, at least, would look strange doing that.Regarding how men and women dress, however, one thing is clear. A man should dress so that he looks dis... Read More

Are people punished for the sins of their fathers?

Are people punished for the sins of their fathers? God is very clear about holding individuals accountable for what they have done. Romans 14:12 reminds us that "each of us shall give an account of himself to God." Our personal accountability for sin is precisely the reason that God sent Christ, so that He could pay the penalty for our sin (Isaiah 53:6).The theme of personal accountability is consistent throughout Scripture, and the result of sin is twofo... Read More

Is the King James Version the only real version?

Is the King James version the only real version? The KJV Bible holds a cherished place in the traditions of Christianity. I would caution, though, against completely discounting other versions simply due to their relative newness. The KJV was itself novel when it was released in 1611. Here are a few general points that may help you make a better decision. Bibles come in two basic types. They are either translations or paraphrases. A translated version... Read More