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Daily Devotions

Basic Christian Teaching May 11, 2020

More important than being on the wall at the local school is that The Ten Commandments are being taught in your home and written upon the walls of your heart and your children’s hearts. Are you intentional about doing this?...

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Honor Your Mother May 8, 2020

Now would be a good time to call, text, or write a letter to your mother or father and tell them how grateful you are for them. I’ll tell you one thing, they will read it over and over again....

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What Are You Satisfying? May 5, 2020

The problem is not that money doesn’t satisfy. The greater danger is that it does—but only for a season. If you have it and you are satisfied with the things of this world, that’s a dangerous place to be spiritually....

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Do You Ever Doubt God? May 3, 2020

To know God intimately begins with two things: time in His Word and time in prayer. You know God intimately by directly dealing with God. You can’t know anyone you don’t spend time with. Commit today to spending time in His Word and prayer....

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