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Who Are The Enemies Of Revival? February 1, 2016

Although he said this many years ago, no one today would disagree with the great social critic and philosopher Dr. Francis Schaeffer, who warned that we would wake up one day and find the America we once knew is gone. We’re here. The Americ...

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Why I Am Pro-Life September 30, 2015

Dr. Rogers preached many messages dealing with current issues facing our culture. However, his message “Why I am Pro-Life” deals with the hot-button issue of abortion, a problem that has plagued our society for nearly half a century. ...

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What Is The Unpardonable Sin? May 31, 2015

The sad truth is that any person who refuses to turn from his sin and receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior will not receive the mercy and grace of God. Many are close to a deadline. If they cross that deadline, they will be just...

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How To Smile At Death February 28, 2015

This time our “Digging Deeper” study takes us to one of the most familiar passages in the Bible: The Twenty-Third Psalm. Many who would not call themselves Christians have quoted it nevertheless for comfort in dark times....

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Beyond Miracles January 31, 2015

The apostle John had a strategy when he wrote his gospel. In it, he lists seven miracles, which he calls “signs.” A sign was more than a miracle; it was a miracle with a message. Near the end of his Gospel he says,...

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