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Is Jesus Really The Only Way? September 1, 2018

You may be hearing this: many people today are saying that the United States of America has entered a new era—as a nation we are now living in Romans chapter 1. This month on both TV and radio Love Worth Finding is airing a message based up...

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Extreme Makeover, Heaven's Edition August 1, 2018

The Bible tells us that God created us in His own image. But that image was marred when Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden. Yet God hasn’t changed His purpose. For you—for all of us—His purpose has been and always will be to transform u...

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Does God Really Love Me? July 1, 2018

Do you ever doubt God loves you? Many people are in distress—they’re battling a dread disease, they’re having marital problems or dealing with a rebellious child, they’ve lost a job and feel like they’re about to lose everything. They’re as...

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How To Repair Your Broken Faith June 1, 2018

The school of faith may be a wonderful school, but sometimes we don’t make very good students. In the school of faith, our classroom is Life. The Bible is our textbook. Our faculty the prophets and apostles. But the Dean of the school of fa...

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