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Life's Greatest Adventure March 31, 2011

I believe that the greatest Christian who has ever lived was the apostle Paul. Before he was saved, he persecuted the Church of Jesus Christ — hauling Christians into prison and watching while some of them were literally put to death. But h...

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The Forgotten Word February 14, 2011

The word repentance has been neglected in many of today’s churches. But while it may have dropped out of some pulpits, it has not dropped out of the Word of God. In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about repentance. The Mandate f...

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How to Be a Thankful People November 14, 2010

So for us as believers, Thanksgiving is far above being a day of hearty feasting and being entertained by sports. It is a very wonderful opportunity to exercise our sacred duty and high privilege of praising God for His goodness and mercy t...

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How to Be Like Jesus October 14, 2010

When this verse in Second Corinthians says we are changed into the “same image,” it is referring to the image of Jesus Christ. Being transformed into His image is the goal, the ambition, of every true believer. But how do you become more li...

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