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Is it okay to call psychics?

    So-called psychics operate a billion-dollar industry. Horoscopes are found everywhere, from the grocery store checkout line to fortune cookies. With the exposure that these practices receive, it's no wonder that they are given credibility ...

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    Do animals have rights?

      An animal rights activist said in a recent article, "There is no clear distinction between us and the animals." If you base your beliefs on this false assumption, you must conclude that animals do have rights. This New Age philosophy is de...

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      Is capital punishment contrary to the word of God?

        Scripture tells us that human government is ordained and set up by God. It is very clear in Romans 13:1, “For there is no power but of God: and the powers that be are ordained of God.” And the powers that be are to act for God in the admin...

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        What do you think about cloning?

          Let me say on the outset that a secular organization, CNN surveyed a group of people in 1997 and discovered that 89 percent of those who responded believed that cloning humans was morally wrong, and 74 percent said that human cloning is ag...

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          What does the Bible teach about gambling?

            Gambling of any sort is built on a faulty premise; it really has the spirit of thievery. Why is that? Legitimate business is win-win. If I sell you a widget for a dollar, you get the widget and I get the dollar. We both win. Nobody can win...

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            What does the Bible say about same-sex "marriages"?

              God’s Word speaks to this by example and precept. First, God made a woman for Adam (Genesis 2), not a man. He blessed the union of a man and a woman. Homosexuality was never God’s plan for marriage. Later, the law of God put into precept wh...

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